We are current and accessible.

We ask real questions.

We deliver honest answers.

We make news human.

We deliver a fresh perspective on the day’s news, built specifically for the visual world of Snapchat. We encourage young people to care deeply about the world around them by engaging them on a platform they daily.


We leveraged this environment to deliver eye-popping, relevant video news in our signature conversational NowThis tone. Our daily Discover editions are a collection of smart, digestible stories that matter to young people.



How do you reinvent daily news in a heavily graphic, here today, gone tomorrow environment? With major news competitors and iconic news brands on the platform, how do you stand out, be unique and engage a loyal Snapchat audience every day?  


For young people, by young people.


NowThis made a strategic choice not to repurpose articles or other news stories. Rather, we built our Snapchat Discover experience from the “platform up” — constructing a content strategy that emphasizes a visual experience and unique interactive opportunity to tell the important stories of the day. Knowing that young people demand fast, clear storytelling on Snapchat, we created an easy-to-consume graphic identity that instantly engages and communicates. Our voice and writing is equally sharp and conversational. You know a NowThis Snap story instantly.